Sandflex® Fabricator™ Bahco saelint 3853-34-1.1-5/8-4780mm

Tootekood: 38533411584780
Kaubamärk: Bahco
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Tellimisel
58,00 €
Kogus: - +
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Tootekood: 38572709EZM2720 ,   Laoseis: Laos
30,00 €
Tootekood: 38572709EZM2460 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
26,00 €
TPI / hambaid tolli kohta 4
Tera paksus, mm 0.6
Tera kõrgus, mm 20
Tera pikkus, mm 2240

Bandsaw blade for wood cutting
Fatigue-resistant backing material
Very high resistance to fatigue and twisting loads
HSS tooth gives superior extended hardness
Specially designed tooth shapes for maximum cutting performance
Bi-metal blade made for wood cutting. Superior life compared to standard blade which result in loonger times between resharpening

Tootekood: 38612006H42240 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
28,00 €
Tootekood: 38613409H1154025 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
53,00 €
Tootekood: 38623309H1154025 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
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