Laserlood rist 842G Bambino

Tootekood: 842G
Kaubamärk: Kapro
Ühik: tk
Laoseis: Laos
75,00 €
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The 842G Prolaser ® Bambino GREEN is a laser level with one green diode. The laser is innovatively designed for a very broad range of professional and DIY jobs, including: • Aligning tiles, marble, cabinets, borders, moldings and trimmings • Marking lay out for doors, windows, rails, stairs, fences gates, decks and pergolas installation. • All types of DIY jobs, including hanging shelves, hanging hooks, pictures, curtains and more

FEATURES • This laser tool automatically determines the horizontal and vertical plans. • The laser projects intersected horizontal and vertical lines. • Max. indoor working range - 15 m (50’). • Self-levels in automatic mode when the laser is positioned within its self-leveling range. • Visual warning (blinking) when the laser is out of leveling range falls. • Manual mode allows angular layout/marking. • Locking mechanism to protect the pendulum during transportation. • 1/4" tripod adapter

•Aligning shelves, pictures, curtains
•Aligning electrical sockets
•Interior design
•Door & window installation

•Indoor laser range 15m (50′)
•Accuracy: ±0.4mm/m (0.0004″/”)
•Self-leveling range: ±3°
•Laser Classe : II
•Conforms to CE, RoHS and FDA safety regulations
Sarnased tooted
Tootekood: 886-28 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
33,00 €
Tootekood: 886-23 ,   Laoseis: Laos
25,00 €
Ristjoonlaser 1 horisontaal ja 2 vertikaalkiirt
Töömaa sisetingimuses 30m
Töömaa vastuvõtjaga 50m
Täpsus 0,2mm/m
Kiire lukustusfunktsioon (märkimiseks)
Tootekood: 873 ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
140,00 €
Ristjoonlaser 1 horisontaal 1 vertikaalkiir
Töömaa 20m
Täpsus 0,2mm/m
Kiire lukustus (märkimiseks)
Laseril küljes magnetid
Tootekood: 862 ,   Laoseis: Laos
65,00 €
• Laser Classe: II
• Green laser beam
• Vertical, horizontal and cross beams at 90°
• Indoor laser range 30m
• Outdoor laser range 60m with detector
• Accuracy: 0.2mm/m
• Self-leveling range: ±3°
• Manual mode for angular layout/marking
• Audio and visual “out of level” warning
• Pulse mode
• Water and dust proof (IP65)
• Protective rubber over molded casing
• 1/4″ tripod thread

• Laser target
• Universal wall mount (code 886-23)
• Tripod adaptor for 5/8″ thread (code 841)
• 3 AA batteries
• Soft carry bag
Tootekood: 870G ,   Laoseis: Tellimisel
155,00 €