HOM m.pesupüksid/ m. trunk TIE BREAK

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TIE BREAK short boxers are boxers with a sporty, vintage look from the 80s. Inspired by tennis players Björn Borg and John Mac Enroe, these ultra-comfortable and ultra-stylish HOM underwear are available in blue, red and black.

The TIE BREAK short boxers are cotton elastane boxers for men. Plain black, plain blue or plain red, they are enhanced with stitching in contrasting colors playing with the blue-white-red tricolor visual. The fantasy of the style of these short boxers is based on the reference to "preppy sport" fashion from the Borg and Mac Enroe years!

Each of these short boxers is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This composition gives an absorbent and breathable textile. The material is comfortable to wear, in movement and under any type of clothing. Cotton ensures good thermal regulation of the body, in all seasons.

The short cut, also called "shorty", of the TIE BREAK boxer shorts stops below the line of the buttocks and gives the underwear a "bandeau" appearance and a very appreciable "second skin" effect.

The waistband of these short boxers does not compress| it is particularly soft, thanks to its interior loop weave. Its design is very neat with the tricolor bayadère and the HOM logo in the central label.

Like all HOM underwear, this short boxer is guaranteed and OEKO-TEX® certified. It preserves sensitive skin thanks to all its elements (fabric, thread, dye) chosen for their non-toxicity for the body: it thus reduces the risk of allergies. The TIE BREAK line has also been developed using the Ceravida Fresh process: natural components and a biological process guaranteeing the absence of chemicals, inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the fabric and keeping the garment fresh.

Short boxers TIE BREAK men's shoes are models of character, like the tennis players who inspired them or the men who will decide to wear them...
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Madalad meeste töösokid, tugevdatud kanna- ja pöiaosaga.Koostis: 77% puuvill, 12% polüester, 10% polüamiid, 1% elastaan.

Tootekood: ZCM0508 ,   Laoseis: Laos
8,90 €
Materjal: 55% viskoos, 38% polüamiid, 7% elastaan
Ülimalt pehmed ja mugavad bokserid igapäevaseks kandmiseks. Bambusest valmistatud viskoos on nahasõbralik ja säilitab oma pehmuse ja sileduse ka pärast paljusid pesukordi.
Tootekood: 401324-Z098.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
29,00 €
Materjal: 95% puuvill, 5% elastaan
Väga kvaliteetsest puuvillast aluspüksid, trunk, millel on klassikaliste bokseritega võrreldes veidi lühem sääreosa ja vöökoht. Elastne värvel on väga pehme ja mugav. Seda kaunistab kontrastses toonis HOM logo.

Kammitud puuvill on töödeldud spetsiaalse mehaanilise protsessi käigus. Kammitud puuvill tähendab puuvilla kraasimist mille käigus kiud eraldatakse üksteisest, õhutatakse ning kootakse kangaks, mille käigus saavutatakse kõige parem tulemus. Kammitud puuvill on rohkem siidisem, läikivam ja pehmem puudutustele. Vastupidavam pesule ja usaldusväärsem. Puuvill on mugav ja kergesti pestav, naturaalne materjal mis on hingav ja mugav kanda.
Tootekood: 401953-0004.XL ,   Laoseis: Laos
19,90 €
80% Polyamide, 20% Spandex.
The ZEBRA LACE boxer for men is a short cut boxer in black microfiber lace. Its pattern evokes animality with transparent stripes and gives the underwear a wild style, balanced by the sophisticated elegance of lace. This boxer short for men is made of microfiber, which is 80% polyamide, 20% elastane yarn. Soft and light, this material gives suppleness and fluidity to any underwear. This textile is particularly breathable: a microfiber boxer for men does not absorb moisture or odors. It does not get damaged, despite repeated rubbing and does not wrinkle. It retains the intensity of the color well over time and washes. This quality of microfiber provides excellent support and comfort adapted to all male bodies, while enhancing them through the play of transparency of the lace. The short cut, called "Trunk", of this boxer stops below the butt line and features a low rise, it gives the underwear a very appreciable "bandeau" and "second skin" effect. This underwear has been tested and adjusted on a medium-sized mannequin to obtain the best possible comfort. By the characteristics of its cut and the quality of its fabric, the ZEBRA LACE boxer remains invisible under clothing and perfectly highlights sensuality and masculine forms. As for the elastic waistband, it is flat and black, does not compress, thanks to the flexibility of the microfiber fabric of which it is composed. It features the HOM logo in its width. For this short boxer for men, as for the other creations of the HOM brand, the requirement of quality of manufacture is certified OEKO-TEX® labeling the non-toxicity of its basic elements. This guarantee of skin protection and the "seduction" look of the TEMPTATION line make this underwear as exceptional to wear as it is to look at...
Material composition

Tootekood: 402374-0004.S ,   Laoseis: Laos
39,00 €
Material: 86% polyamide, 14% elastane, Lining: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
The URBAN JUNGLE boxer is a boxer for men with a black and white print. The power of the visual of this underwear, imagined by the tattoo artist Willy (Inked by me), is underlined by the shiny aspect of the microfiber fabric.
The URBAN JUNGLE boxer for men is a long boxer in microfiber fabric. Its arty print is an original and exclusive creation for the HOM brand| it highlights the power of nature, urban aesthetics and the strength of the wild feline.
The microfiber of this men's boxer is made of 14% elastane yarn which gives it perfect elasticity. This quality textile gives the underwear finesse, shine and fluidity. The fabric is particularly light and comfortable: a microfiber men's boxer wicks away perspiration well and dries very quickly. It does not lint, despite repeated rubbing and does not wrinkle. It respects the intensity of colors and contrasts, over washes.
The long cut of the URBAN JUNGLE boxer is one of the brand's best-sellers: the boxer goes down on the leg to limit friction on the thighs| in movement, the underwear does not ride up: this cut is, moreover, ideal for sport.
The black waistband features the HOM logo in its weave and underlines the contrast with the two-tone design of the boxer. Its elastic band remains soft on the inside and does not compress, thanks to the flexibility of the microfiber.
The quality requirement of HOM manufacture is OEKO-TEX® certified. All the elements making up this boxer are guaranteed non-toxic and protect sensitive skin.
The characterful style of this men's underwear, combined with the "second skin" effect of microfiber, gives this boxer an exceptional value in this season's collection.
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35,00 €