HOM m.pesupüksid/ m. trunk MARTY PLUME

Tootekood: 402545-PK07
Kaubamärk: HOM
Ühik: paar
Laoseis: Laos
35,00 €
Kogus: - +
Materials : 47% coton, 47% modal, 6% élasthanne

The MARTY boxer for men is a long-shaped modal cotton boxer. Its black and white zebra print is both wild and refined.

The boxer MARTY is a boxer for men composed of 47% cotton, 47% modal of natural origin and 6% elastane thread. This composition of European origin gives a dense and resistant fabric, of excellent quality of support. In contact with the body, modal cotton is comfortable because it allows a light, soft and soft textile to the touch. This material retains the intensity of the colors over washes. It is also known for its antibacterial properties and good regulation of body temperature. In any situation, it does not wrinkle, fluff or resist repeated friction. The inner lining of the shell, consisting of 92% cotton and 8% elastane yarn, increases the comfort and quality of support of this underwear.

The long cut of the MARTY boxer is a reference at HOM: the underwear is designed to cover more the leg than a short boxer. This form thus limits the friction in the thighs and does not «pull up» the underwear. These properties make a boxer long, the ideal model for any daily situation by perfectly accompanying the movement. Its elastic waistband is dark , it is covered with plain fabric in modal cotton to reinforce the softness on the skin.

The HOM manufacturing quality requirement is OEKO-TEX® certified for the non-toxicity of all components of this boxer (fabric, thread, dye).

This boxer print is original: it plays with black and white zebras on a background, itself striped, grey and white. The visual effect of this underwear is very powerful and makes it a piece of character with its small touch select.

We enjoy wearing it and watching it...
Sarnased tooted
Madalad meeste töösokid, tugevdatud kanna- ja pöiaosaga.Koostis: 77% puuvill, 12% polüester, 10% polüamiid, 1% elastaan.

Tootekood: ZCM0509 ,   Laoseis: Laos
8,90 €
Materjal: 76% polüamiid, 24% elastaan
Väga õhukesest materjalist lühikese sääre ja kitsa värvliga aluspüksid. Annavad “teise naha” tunde – tänu oma kergusele ja elastsusele neid ei tunne jalas ja nad ei paista liibuvate riiete alt välja
Trunk mudel tähendab lühemat sääreosa kui tava bokseritel

Tootekood: 404755-00DT.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
26,00 €
90% polüamiid, 10% elastaan, Vooder: 93% puuvill, 7% elastaan

TRAINING HOM trunk püksid on lühema säärega bokserid. Polüamiidist ja elastaanist erinevate värvilahendustega ja laia neoonvärvides värvliga sport seeria aluspüksid. Sellest materjalist püksid on väga vastupidavad kulumisele ja hõõrdumisele. Siidine pehme tunne nahale ning väga kiire kuivamisega. Värvid vastupidavad kulumisele ja pesukordadele
Tootekood: 402348-1204.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
32,00 €
Hall, must
Materjal: 95% puuvill, 5% elastaan
3-ne pakk boksereid meestele on soodsam komplekt sisaldades tavalisi värvilisi venivaid puuvillaseid boksereid igapäevaseks kandmiseks.

Värvel mikrokiust. Pakis olevad 3 BOXERLINES bokserid on ultrapehme puudutusega, meeldiv vastu nahka, mugavad ei pigista. HOM logo on värvlil nähtavale toodud erinevate toonidega

Nendel stretch puuvillastel bokseritel on sääre alaosas elastne äär, mis tagab reiel täiendava toe ja mugavuse.

Kammitud puuvill on töödeldud spetsiaalse mehaanilise protsessi käigus. Kammitud puuvill tähendab puuvilla kraasimist mille käigus kiud eraldatakse üksteisest, õhutatakse ning kootakse kangaks, mille käigus saavutatakse kõige parem tulemus. Kammitud puuvill on rohkem siidisem, läikivam ja pehmem puudutustele. Vastupidavam pesule ja usaldusväärsem. Puuvill on mugav ja kergesti pestav, naturaalne materjal mis on hingav ja mugav kanda.
BOXERLINES pakk 3 bokseri paariga meestele on igapäeva kandmiseks tagasihoidliku värvikombinatsiooniga.
Tootekood: 405768-T015.M ,   Laoseis: Laos
42,00 €
Materials : 95% cotton, 5% elastane

CARL#2 is a duo of boxers for men, plain electric blue or black with decorative orange stitching. Long and super comfortable boxers thanks to the stretch combed cotton material.

The CARL#2 men's boxers are long form boxers, made of natural cotton. In blue or black, these underwear are available in a pack of two complementary pieces.

Each of the two boxers is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane yarn. This assembly, carried out in Europe, gives a breathable and absorbent textile. The material is pleasant to wear, comfortable in movement, under any type of clothing. Cotton ensures good thermal regulation of the body, in all seasons.

The long cut of the CARL#2 men's boxers is a must-have from the HOM brand: this underwear is designed to go down more on the leg than a short boxer. This shape thus limits friction at the level of the thighs and does not make the underwear "rise" in the movement. These properties also make a long boxer the ideal model for sport.

The waistband has a beautiful visual of colored stripes, the HOM logo is affixed to it in white. Its elastic band remains soft inside and does not compress thanks to the flexibility of the microfiber fabric it is made of.

Like all HOM underwear, this long boxer is OEKO-TEX® certified. It respects sensitive skin thanks to all of its components (fabric, thread, dyes) guaranteed non-toxic for the body. The CARL#2 boxer also received a Ceravida Fresh treatment. This patented technology is formulated with natural components, harmless to the body or the environment| it is very valuable for its anti-odor guarantee (limiting the growth of bacteria on the fabric).

CARL#2 is the ideal duo of the season to feel good and be confident in your underwear!
Tootekood: 402435-D048.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
38,00 €