HOM m.pesupüksid/ m. trunk KIM

Tootekood: 402595-0004.XXL
Kaubamärk: HOM
Ühik: paar
Laoseis: Laos
40,00 €
Kogus: - +
Materials : 81% polyamide, 19% élasthanne

The KIM short boxer is a boxer for men in microfiber polyamide elastane. Its black lace with check weft is both select and suggestive. This shorty boxer is part of the Temptation range.

The KIM short boxer is a boxer for men in microfiber polyamide elastane in a shorty shape. This HOM creation from the Temptation range is a successful composition of black lace, Scottish check weft style over its entire surface. It is a contemporary, elegant and sensual style underwear.

This short boxer for men is made of high quality microfiber fabric: light and silky, this material brings elasticity and fluidity to any underwear. The fabric is fine and very comfortable to wear: it wicks away perspiration well and dries quickly. Composed of 19% elastane, the microfiber of this model provides reinforced support for all male bodies.

The short cut, also called "shorty", of the KIM boxer ends below the line of the buttocks and gives the underwear a "bandeau" look and a very appreciable "second skin" effect. Its black belt does not compress and features the three letters of the HOM brand, in slight contrast. The shell of this short boxer is lined, thus playing on opacity and transparency.

The quality requirement of HOM manufacture is OEKO-TEX® certified for the non-toxicity of all the basic elements of this boxer (fabric, yarn, dyes). The sensitivity of the skin is respected and the general aesthetic of this piece is full of audacity, while playing with classic codes...

This shorty for men clearly bears the creative signature of the HOM house.
Sarnased tooted
Materjal: 65% puuvill, 22% modaal, 13% elastaan
Klassikaline ja elegantne modaalpuuvillast bokser. Naturaalne materjal on väga pehme ja sobib eriti hästi meestele, kellele ei meeldi sünteetiline meestepesu. Modaal imab hästi niiskust ning on väga vastupidav hõõrdumisele. Nende bokserite mikrokiust vöökoht on katsudes ülipehme, mugav nahal ega pigista.
Tootekood: 400203-00ZU.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
28,00 €
Materjal : 79% polüamiid, 21% elastaan
Vooder: 91% puuvill 9% elastaan

LOVE HOM meeste lühikesed trunk bokserid on "LOVE"kirjaga läbipaistvate tähtedega mustriga.
TEMPTATION seeria on meeste aluspesu mis jätab kujutlusruumi võrgutamiseks ja fantaasiaks, jäädes samas mugavaks ja shikiks
Nendel lühikestel pükstel on veidi lühem säär kui klassikalistel bokseritel. Moodsa ja mugava välimuse poolest hinnatud shorty on nii moesõpradele kui ka sportlastele, kellele meeldib bokseri kuju ning lihtsalt liikumisvabadus.
Sääre allääre õmblusesse on lisatud elastaani, et need reit jne paremini toetaks.
Polüamiid-elastaanmaterjal tagab vastupidavuse hõõrdumisele , väga kiire kuivamise ja eriti pehme, siidise, puudutuse. Materjal on mikroventilatsiooniga, eriti hingav.
Tootekood: 405718-0004.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
39,00 €
Hall, must
Materjal: 95% puuvill, 5% elastaan
3-ne pakk boksereid meestele on soodsam komplekt sisaldades tavalisi värvilisi venivaid puuvillaseid boksereid igapäevaseks kandmiseks.

Värvel mikrokiust. Pakis olevad 3 BOXERLINES bokserid on ultrapehme puudutusega, meeldiv vastu nahka, mugavad ei pigista. HOM logo on värvlil nähtavale toodud erinevate toonidega

Nendel stretch puuvillastel bokseritel on sääre alaosas elastne äär, mis tagab reiel täiendava toe ja mugavuse.

Kammitud puuvill on töödeldud spetsiaalse mehaanilise protsessi käigus. Kammitud puuvill tähendab puuvilla kraasimist mille käigus kiud eraldatakse üksteisest, õhutatakse ning kootakse kangaks, mille käigus saavutatakse kõige parem tulemus. Kammitud puuvill on rohkem siidisem, läikivam ja pehmem puudutustele. Vastupidavam pesule ja usaldusväärsem. Puuvill on mugav ja kergesti pestav, naturaalne materjal mis on hingav ja mugav kanda.
BOXERLINES pakk 3 bokseri paariga meestele on igapäeva kandmiseks tagasihoidliku värvikombinatsiooniga.
Tootekood: 405768-T015.M ,   Laoseis: Laos
42,00 €
Materials : 86% polyamide, 14% elastane

The NAIROBI boxer is a short boxer for men in microfiber fabric. Its animal print, black and gray, lace style, plays with the codes of seduction. It is a boxer with a style that is both wild and refined.

The NAIROBI boxer for men is a short boxer, in microfiber, with a sexy look.

Its print is inspired by the animal universe. Its black and white patterns make up an aesthetic as sophisticated, by the lace effect suggested, as "nature" by its evocations of "leopard", "tiger", "snake"...

These men's boxers are designed in quality microfiber. Fine and silky, this material brings suppleness and fluidity to any underwear. The fabric is light and breathable: a microfiber boxer for men does not absorb moisture or odors. It does not deteriorate, despite repeated rubbing, does not crease and retains colors well, wash after wash. This boxer also has an inner shell lined in cotton and elastane. This assembly allows better support and ideal comfort for all anatomy.

The short cut of the NAIROBI boxer shorts stops below the line of the buttocks and has a low waist, it gives the underwear a particularly sensual “bandeau” and “second skin” effect. Its elastic black waistband does not compress. Soft on the inside, it features the HOM logo on the outside, in contrast in the weaving.

The manufacturing quality requirement HOM is OEKO-TEX® certified for the non-toxicity of all the textile elements at the base of its underwear. This guarantee of skin protection combined with the creative design of this boxer trunk make it an extremely pleasant underwear to wear, in any situation and under any garment.

This black and white NAIROBI boxer will appeal to elegant men assuming their sensuality

The print is a “star” creation of the new collection
Tootekood: 402445-P004.M ,   Laoseis: Laos
35,00 €
Materials : 97% lyocell, 3% elastane

The TENCEL SOFT men's boxer is a long-shaped boxer made of vegetable silk.
Plain, white, navy blue, yellow or burgundy, this underwear is a basic of very high quality and absolute comfort for all male anatomies.

The fabric is composed of 97% lyocell and 3% elastane yarn.
This material of natural origin is obtained from wood pulp and is four times more absorbent than cotton, its manufacturing process requires little water and thus limits the environmental impact of the fabric produced.
This textile, made in Europe, is remarkable for the well-being it guarantees and the ease of maintenance it allows. A Lyocell boxer does not wrinkle, resists friction well and the risk of shrinkage.

The long cut of the TENCEL SOFT men's boxer is a reference of the HOM brand: this underwear is designed to go down more on the leg than a short boxer.
This shape thus limits the friction at the level of the thighs and does not "go up" the underwear in the movement.
This shape also advantageously enhances the body.
The elastic belt remains soft and does not compress thanks to the flexibility of the fabric of which it is composed.

This men's boxer model has been designed with the horizontal opening "HO1", the patented trademark and quality of the House HOM.

Like all HOM underwear, this long boxer is OEKO-TEX® certified. It respects sensitive skin thanks to all its components (fabric, thread, dyes) guaranteed non-toxic for the body.
Tootekood: 402465-00YO.M ,   Laoseis: Laos
30,00 €