HOM m.pesupüksid/ m. boxer briefs JON

Tootekood: 402752-J004.S
Kaubamärk: HOM
Ühik: paar
Laoseis: Laos
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Materials : 78% polyamide , 22% elastane

The JON boxer shorts are a men's underwear made of polyamide elastane. An elegant piece from the TEMPTATION range, the two-tone print depicting a foliage decoration on a weft the old one.

The JON men's boxer shorts are a Classic boxer shorts, made of polyamide elastane fabric, black and white, with semi-transparent lace. Its print plays with codes old-fashioned tapestry, giving a very chic look to the underwear. Large sheets cover the entire room textile from the TEMPTATION range.

These men's boxer shorts are designed In a quality polyamide fabric: fine and silky, this material always provides great elasticity and a very appreciable fluidity for men's underwear (boxers, briefs or thongs). Texture is lightweight and very comfortable to wear: men's boxer shorts of this Nature wicks away moisture well and dries quickly. It doesn't get damaged, despite successive frictions and does not wrinkle. Polyamide is Chosen by our stylists for the vibrancy and intensity of the colors that it preserves, despite repeated washing. Made of 22% elastane, This model supports the shapes of the male anatomy well. The hull is lined with a soft, stretchy veil to reinforce that quality of maintenance.

The classic cut of these boxer shorts is one of the references from Maison HOM: the underwear is cut to go down a little more on the leg than a pair of short-cut boxer shorts. This shape has a Important advantage: it limits friction at the level of between the legs, does not make the fabric rise and follows the movement in any situation. These criteria make a boxer of this cut, the Ideal model for everyday life or during physical activity.

The black belt of the JON model does not compress the skin and has a thin HOM brand label on the side.

In manufacturing material, the HOM quality requirement is certified OEKO-TEX®. All the elements that make up these men's boxer shorts (fabric, yarn, dyes) are guaranteed to be non-toxic and reduce the risk of allergy.

Jon is a glamorous and chic undergarment, not to be missed for the season.
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Materjal: 65% puuvill, 22% modaal, 13% elastaan
Klassikaline ja elegantne modaalpuuvillast bokser. Naturaalne materjal on väga pehme ja sobib eriti hästi meestele, kellele ei meeldi sünteetiline meestepesu. Modaal imab hästi niiskust ning on väga vastupidav hõõrdumisele. Nende bokserite mikrokiust vöökoht on katsudes ülipehme, mugav nahal ega pigista.
Tootekood: 400203-00ZU.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
28,00 €
Jakk on pehmest ja venivast materjalist, mis hoiab sind tööd tehes kuivana, soojas. Sobib ideaalselt esimeseks kihiks aktiivse tegevuse juures jahedal ajal.Mugav ja kerge. Kõrge kraega.
Suurused: XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL, 3XL/4XL
Pesujuhised: 60°C
Materjal: Elastaan 3%, polüamiid 29 %, polüester 68 %
Tootekood: 9766-04.M/L ,   Laoseis: Laos
23,00 €
90%polüamiid 10%elastaan
Vooder:93%puuvill 7%elastaan
Pehme ja siidine suur lilleline ja troopiline trükk mikrokiudmaterjalil, mis toob esile erksad värvid ning ei tuhmu aja ja korduva pesuga.
Kasuta pesukotti pesemisel.
Tootekood: 405713-P023.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
32,00 €
Materials : 86% polyamide, 14% elastane

The NAIROBI boxer is a short boxer for men in microfiber fabric. Its animal print, black and gray, lace style, plays with the codes of seduction. It is a boxer with a style that is both wild and refined.

The NAIROBI boxer for men is a short boxer, in microfiber, with a sexy look.

Its print is inspired by the animal universe. Its black and white patterns make up an aesthetic as sophisticated, by the lace effect suggested, as "nature" by its evocations of "leopard", "tiger", "snake"...

These men's boxers are designed in quality microfiber. Fine and silky, this material brings suppleness and fluidity to any underwear. The fabric is light and breathable: a microfiber boxer for men does not absorb moisture or odors. It does not deteriorate, despite repeated rubbing, does not crease and retains colors well, wash after wash. This boxer also has an inner shell lined in cotton and elastane. This assembly allows better support and ideal comfort for all anatomy.

The short cut of the NAIROBI boxer shorts stops below the line of the buttocks and has a low waist, it gives the underwear a particularly sensual “bandeau” and “second skin” effect. Its elastic black waistband does not compress. Soft on the inside, it features the HOM logo on the outside, in contrast in the weaving.

The manufacturing quality requirement HOM is OEKO-TEX® certified for the non-toxicity of all the textile elements at the base of its underwear. This guarantee of skin protection combined with the creative design of this boxer trunk make it an extremely pleasant underwear to wear, in any situation and under any garment.

This black and white NAIROBI boxer will appeal to elegant men assuming their sensuality

The print is a “star” creation of the new collection
Tootekood: 402445-P004.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
35,00 €
Made of 47% cotton, 47% modal and 6% elastane.
HOM boxers and shorties are trendy models developed with all the know-how of the HOM brand. Quality underwear for modern men. They are comfortable and all have a perfect finish.

The HOM Boxer from the Nhobi collection offers a collaboration with the Brazilian artist Nhobi, who lives in Marseille, which evokes a vision of pop and psychedelic nature with very colourful colours that inspire joy and optimism. On a soft and supple modal cotton base.

Tootekood: 402462-P023.M ,   Laoseis: Laos
35,00 €