HOM m.pesupüksid/ m. boxer briefs H-FRESH

Tootekood: 402592-0004.XL
Kaubamärk: HOM
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Materials : 83% polyamide , 17% elastane

The H-FRESH boxer is a new must-have basic among men's boxers. It is made of polyamide elastane microfiber, elastic and seamless. With unparalleled comfort, this boxer is available in gray or black. To adopt in any season!

The H-FRESH boxer is a boxer for men in high quality elastane polyamide microfiber: fine and silky, this material brings elasticity and fluidity to any men's underwear. The fabric is ultra thin, light, comfortable to wear and touch. It wicks sweat well and dries quickly. It preserves the quality, intensity and vibrancy of colours, wash after wash.

The finishes of this boxer for men are unique: designed without seams on the thighs, it increases the second skin effect and remains invisible under any type of clothing. Composed of 17% elastane, the microfiber of this model supports the shapes of the male body well. As for the inner lining of the shell of this men's boxer, it is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane, for greater comfort and softness.

For this underwear as for all HOM creations, the manufacturing quality requirement is OEKO-TEX® certified for the non-toxicity of all the elements making up this boxer for men (fabric, thread, dye).

This men's boxer is a great technical innovation from the HOM brand. It is adopted in any season and will become the essential to have among its collection of boxers. It is available in plain gray and plain black.
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Materjal: 65% puuvill, 22% modaal, 13% elastaan
Klassikaline ja elegantne modaalpuuvillast bokser. Naturaalne materjal on väga pehme ja sobib eriti hästi meestele, kellele ei meeldi sünteetiline meestepesu. Modaal imab hästi niiskust ning on väga vastupidav hõõrdumisele. Nende bokserite mikrokiust vöökoht on katsudes ülipehme, mugav nahal ega pigista.
Tootekood: 400203-00ZU.L ,   Laoseis: Laos
28,00 €
Materjal : 99% polüamiid, 1% spandeks
Vooder: 91% puuvill 9% spandeks

BACHELOR HOM meeste lühikesed trunk bokserid on läbipaistva sinise triibulise mustriga.
TEMPTATION seeria on meeste aluspesu mis jätab kujutlusruumi võrgutamiseks ja fantaasiaks, jäädes samas mugavaks ja shikiks
Nendel lühikestel pükstel on veidi lühem säär kui klassikalistel bokseritel. Moodsa ja mugava välimuse poolest hinnatud shorty on nii moesõpradele kui ka sportlastele, kellele meeldib bokseri kuju ning lihtsalt liikumisvabadus.
Sääre allääre õmblusesse on lisatud elastaani, et need reit jne paremini toetaks.
Polüamiid-elastaanmaterjal tagab vastupidavuse hõõrdumisele , väga kiire kuivamise ja eriti pehme, siidise, puudutuse. Materjal on mikroventilatsiooniga, eriti hingav.
Tootekood: 405720-00BI.XL ,   Laoseis: Laos
39,00 €
Made of 47% cotton, 47% modal and 6% elastane.
HOM boxers and shorties are trendy models developed with all the know-how of the HOM brand. Quality underwear for modern men. They are comfortable and all have a perfect finish.

The HOM Boxer from the Nhobi collection offers a collaboration with the Brazilian artist Nhobi, who lives in Marseille, which evokes a vision of pop and psychedelic nature with very colourful colours that inspire joy and optimism. On a soft and supple modal cotton base.

Tootekood: 402462-P023.M ,   Laoseis: Laos
35,00 €
Materials : 97% lyocell, 3% elastane

The TENCEL SOFT men's boxer is a long-shaped boxer made of vegetable silk.
Plain, white, navy blue, yellow or burgundy, this underwear is a basic of very high quality and absolute comfort for all male anatomies.

The fabric is composed of 97% lyocell and 3% elastane yarn.
This material of natural origin is obtained from wood pulp and is four times more absorbent than cotton, its manufacturing process requires little water and thus limits the environmental impact of the fabric produced.
This textile, made in Europe, is remarkable for the well-being it guarantees and the ease of maintenance it allows. A Lyocell boxer does not wrinkle, resists friction well and the risk of shrinkage.

The long cut of the TENCEL SOFT men's boxer is a reference of the HOM brand: this underwear is designed to go down more on the leg than a short boxer.
This shape thus limits the friction at the level of the thighs and does not "go up" the underwear in the movement.
This shape also advantageously enhances the body.
The elastic belt remains soft and does not compress thanks to the flexibility of the fabric of which it is composed.

This men's boxer model has been designed with the horizontal opening "HO1", the patented trademark and quality of the House HOM.

Like all HOM underwear, this long boxer is OEKO-TEX® certified. It respects sensitive skin thanks to all its components (fabric, thread, dyes) guaranteed non-toxic for the body.
Tootekood: 402465-00YO.M ,   Laoseis: Laos
30,00 €
TIE BREAK short boxers are boxers with a sporty, vintage look from the 80s. Inspired by tennis players Björn Borg and John Mac Enroe, these ultra-comfortable and ultra-stylish HOM underwear are available in blue, red and black.

The TIE BREAK short boxers are cotton elastane boxers for men. Plain black, plain blue or plain red, they are enhanced with stitching in contrasting colors playing with the blue-white-red tricolor visual. The fantasy of the style of these short boxers is based on the reference to "preppy sport" fashion from the Borg and Mac Enroe years!

Each of these short boxers is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. This composition gives an absorbent and breathable textile. The material is comfortable to wear, in movement and under any type of clothing. Cotton ensures good thermal regulation of the body, in all seasons.

The short cut, also called "shorty", of the TIE BREAK boxer shorts stops below the line of the buttocks and gives the underwear a "bandeau" appearance and a very appreciable "second skin" effect.

The waistband of these short boxers does not compress| it is particularly soft, thanks to its interior loop weave. Its design is very neat with the tricolor bayadère and the HOM logo in the central label.

Like all HOM underwear, this short boxer is guaranteed and OEKO-TEX® certified. It preserves sensitive skin thanks to all its elements (fabric, thread, dye) chosen for their non-toxicity for the body: it thus reduces the risk of allergies. The TIE BREAK line has also been developed using the Ceravida Fresh process: natural components and a biological process guaranteeing the absence of chemicals, inhibiting the growth of bacteria on the fabric and keeping the garment fresh.

Short boxers TIE BREAK men's shoes are models of character, like the tennis players who inspired them or the men who will decide to wear them...
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33,00 €