3M VHB GPH-110GF akrüülvahtteip, kahepoolne, hall, 12x1,1x33m

Tootekood: UU008024570
Kaubamärk: 3M
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Grey, 1.1 mm, acrylic adhesive with a conformable, acrylic foam core
Excellent temperature resistance when bonding metal parts prior to heat cured paint processing
Strong and durable bonds to a broad range of high-and medium surface-energy substrates like metal, aluminium, ABS, etc.
Superior outdoor performance, UV and solvent resistance
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Very strong, universal, high quality cloth tape with high adhesive strength
Suitable for securing and repairing pipes, tubes, garden hoses, etc.
Hand tearable
Waterproof and weather resistant

Adhesive natural rubber
Carrier PE coated cloth
Maximum temperature 60°C (up to 80°C for short periods)
Tensile strength 183 N/25 mm
Adhesive strength 13 N/25 mm
Thickness 0,30 mm
Tootekood: CR5025 ,   Laoseis: Laos
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